Created in: 2011

Client: School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Inspired by the original design of Mr Norm’s Garage Custom Cars Company was the very first website That I completed while studying Beginner Web Design at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


CCM features creme de la creme of custom steel beasts from Cuda-71 to Challenger 800a plus shop where you can purchase car parts.


Technology-wise, the website was created completely from the ground-up in Dreamweaver and runs on CSS2 and HTML4.


Created in: 2011

Client: School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Atomizer is an independent record label which shares the name with an album by the almighty Big Black. Design inspiration was provided by websites for non-fictional labels like Dangerbird and Nonesuch.


With a roster that includes such luminaries as Brainiac, Tribes of Neurot, Flaming Lips and countless others, you’re guaranteed to find something to enjoy during your next listening session.


Much like its predecessor, Atomizer runs on HTML and CSS, but also utilizes jQuery plugin called s3Slider.


Created in: 2011

Client: School of the Museum of Fine Arts

DBD was the last website that I created while studying Basic Web Design at SMFA.

Heavily based on Wikipedia article on water, it attemps to educate the public on a variety of topics, including water industry, taste and odor and many more.


In addition to HTML, CSS and jQuery, Drop By Drop utilizes a plugin called ImageFit.

Networking Reception RSVP

Created in: 2012

Client: Boston University

In this assignment for BU which I completed at the end of 2012 I was working on a form for an upcoming event for IT professionals.


The process involved:


  • Creation of form itself with Gravity Forms
  • Creation of new WordPress page
  • Adding form to the page
  • Embedding Google Maps shortcode for event address into the page